Dissemination Meeting about Nutrition

Dissemination Meeting about 3 food groups,Essential Vitamins/Minerals to the farmers

Rice Production

Rice production of Cambodia HARVEST project supporting.

Climate Smart Village dissemination

The dissemination for Climate Smart Village in Rohal Suong village,Preak Norint commune,Ek Phnom district,Battambang province supported by World Fish.

The Cucumber collection of the farmer

The farmer is collecting the cucumber in Cambodia HARVEST project.

Fish raising with Cambodia HARVEST supporting

Fish harvesting of the farmers with Cambodia HARVEST project supporting.

Study Tour about Fish raising

Study tour about fish raising such as fish feeding,fish sampling,water quality Management and pond preparation.

The Congress of Community Fishery

The Congress of community fishery for selecting the community fishery committees.

Techniques of planting the vegetable with net

Techniques of planting the vegetable with net for preventing the insects.

Annual Staff Meeting

Annual Staff Meeting of year 2014

Vegetable Harvesting of the farmers.

the farmer are harvesting the egg plant in her farm.

The Campaign for Waste Promotion

The campaign for waste in the village.

Home Garden

The farmer shows about corn planting with good product.

Saving Fund

Providing the saving fund for the farmers to make livelihood.

Vegetable Planting in School

Children are planting the vegetable
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Food Security and Nutrition
The project is aiming at providing technical support to the poor farmers implementing the Organic-based agriculture in 95 villages of 27 communes, 7 districts of Battambang province. Home Garden, Horticulture, Rice production, Fish, eel, animal raising and agricultural activities have been implementing the organic natural-based methods.
Natural Resource Management
This project aims to protect and conserve the natural resources including biodiversity and also managed by community people with sustainability. Community Fisheries Establishment and conservation:

-15 community fisheries and conservations have been established and 2,360 hectares including flooded forest managed by community people legally. 25,200 people, 12,700 women access to aquatics in fishing areas.

-Local authorities and Fishery Administration are active to support committee members of community fisheries to patrol community fishery areas and crack down the illegal fishing activities.
Environmental Management
-Educate children to take care environment and re-planting flooded forest in the community fisheries areas.

-Support public awareness raising to encourage community people pay attention deeply in the importance of natural resources.

-Ensure community people understand the environment clean.
Climate Change and Aquatic Agricultural Systems(AAS)
The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) is a strategic ten-year partnership between CGIAR and Future Earth. It aims to help the developing world overcome threats posed by a changing climate, achieve food security, enhance livelihoods, and improve environmental management. In 2014, CCAFS embarked on a major baseline effort at household, village, organization, and provincial levels in three countries in Southeast Asia, namely Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Rohal Suong village is located in Prek Norint commune, Ek Phnom district, Battambang province. A Cambodian research team composed of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government departments at both the provincial and national level conducted the VBS in Rohal Suong. The research team included NGOs WorldFish and Aphivat Strey (AS), as well as the Department of Agriculture of Battambang Province and the Department of Agricultural Extension.
Women's Empowerment
This project aims to empower women to speak out for their needs and problems to include into the government development plans. 31 women become group leaders and active in group leading. 7 women become village chiefs and commune council advisors.
Income Generation and Saving Fund
Aphivat Strey has been implementing Income Generation project in 20 villages, 9 communes, 4 districts of Battambang province, Cambodia in order to improve the living condition of the poor, especially women.

1.Credit Scheme:20 villages,747 members,564 women.

2.Saving:51 Self-Help Groups,1,100 members,887 women.

3.Selling and buying rice in 3 villages.

4.Cow bank in 3 villages,313 members,185 women.

5.Small enterprise in 1 village.

*85% of Credit members have enough food for a whole year.

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