Dissemination Meeting about Nutrition

Dissemination Meeting about 3 food groups,Essential Vitamins/Minerals to the farmers

Rice Production

Rice production of Cambodia HARVEST project supporting.

Climate Smart Village dissemination

The dissemination for Climate Smart Village in Rohal Suong village,Preak Norint commune,Ek Phnom district,Battambang province supported by World Fish.

The Cucumber collection of the farmer

The farmer is collecting the cucumber in Cambodia HARVEST project.

Fish raising with Cambodia HARVEST supporting

Fish harvesting of the farmers with Cambodia HARVEST project supporting.

Study Tour about Fish raising

Study tour about fish raising such as fish feeding,fish sampling,water quality Management and pond preparation.

The Congress of Community Fishery

The Congress of community fishery for selecting the community fishery committees.

Techniques of planting the vegetable with net

Techniques of planting the vegetable with net for preventing the insects.

Annual Staff Meeting

Annual Staff Meeting of year 2014

Vegetable Harvesting of the farmers.

the farmer are harvesting the egg plant in her farm.

The Campaign for Waste Promotion

The campaign for waste in the village.

Home Garden

The farmer shows about corn planting with good product.

Saving Fund

Providing the saving fund for the farmers to make livelihood.

Vegetable Planting in School

Children are planting the vegetable
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